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Copywriting Retainer Service for Wellness Businesses 

Elevate your business with a holistic copywriting retainer that handles all your copy and content needs, so you can prioritise your wellness, whilst helping others improve theirs.


With a pre-set schedule that works for us both, I'll plan and write all your monthly emails, blog posts, and website copy, ensuring high-quality and consistent content. 

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Ready to outsource but aren't keen on a stranger dropping in-and-out?

I get it. You fear communication will become a chore, a lack of cohesion will make your marketing messy, and what was meant to ease your workload will end up adding to it.

You need someone who's here for the long haul to keep your copy and content on track.

By working with a copywriter on a retainer, you escape the hassle of hiring in-house, without sacrificing the dependendability.  In turn, you gain the skills and self-sufficiency of a specialist.

Holisitic aims to make working with a freelancer easier and more efficient than ever.

With a smooth schedule and clear communication, this copywriting retainer service gets you a regular spot in my calendar, so we can develop a strategy that elevates your marketing over time.

Consistent content, tailored to your tone of voice, yields better results than rushed DIY posts or one-off outsourcing.

According to HubSpot, marketers who prioritized blogging get 30X more ROI than those who don’t.  But it takes time to see results. Usually, a minimum of 24 articles are needed to boost traffic by 30%.


The same goes for email marketing. 79% of marketers list email marketing in their top 3 most effective marketing channels. It’s generally agreed that 1 to 3 emails per week is the sweet spot for engagement.

On the flipside, 83% of marketers believe it's more effective to create higher-quality content, less often.  

This isn't paradox; it affirms the need for a balance of frequency and depth that can't be created in haste. Effective content requires a Holistic approach over a longer period of time.

Holisitic: Copywriting Retainer Service

With my most comprehensive service, you'll get all your monthly copy and content done for you, so you can take care of your wellbeing, whilst helping others care for theirs.

Investment approx. £1800

Will vary depending on scope.

Have you ever outsourced to ease your workload and found the constant briefing, erratic communication, and back-and-forth editing added to it instead?

I’ve heard about this too often. That’s why the number one priority with Holistic is to create a pre-set schedule that creates a space for planning and editing in a way that’s efficient for us both. 


I advise working a month ahead, so there's plenty of time for design, edits, and publishing, and to ensure we can measure results and tweak accordingly each month.


We'll find a way of working that suits us both, but below is my tried-and-tested schedule for an idea of how it could work. 

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Case Study:  ZeroWasteStore is an online sustainable marketplace on a mission to make people rethink their waste. They know the climate crisis is urgent, but believe hope and optimism are the solutions, not doom and gloom.


 I originally worked on them on one-off projects, such as website copy edits, welcome and abandoned cart email sequences, and newsletters. Over time, that grew into a larger retainer contract where I plan and write all their monthly promotions, copy, and content.


At the start of each month, we have a meeting where I share my ideas with the marketing team. From then on, we create, share, and develop our ideas, the copy and design evolving side by side. Sales for ZeroWasteStore have increased 15% since last year, which is largely due to consistent collaboration and a seamless schedule.


 In October, the marketing team took over another brand in the ethical living space, Earth Hero, and I've taken on planning and writing all their copy and content too. I'm working on getting growth stats for both brands -  watch this space!

Sales for ZeroWasteStore have increased 15% since last year, which is largely due to consistent collaboration and a seamless schedule.

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Questionnaire: TOV focus

Call 1: Your business focus 

Call 2: Retainer logistics focus 

Paperwork: Contract and a 50% invoice for the first month.

Week 01

You: Update email, covering any changes I should know about.​ It's helpful if you share any data from the previous month too.

Me: The month's content plan.

Us: Content call or email, where I’ll share my plan and make live edits.

Week 02

The first half of the content will be delivered to you via Google Docs, any revisions within 48 hours

Week 03

The second half of the content will be delivered to you via Google Docs. any revisions within 48 hours.

Week 04

I’ll send my monthly invoice, and complete any additional content and edits.

... And repeat

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Heather is a  dream to work with

Her beautiful, informative yet engaging copywriting is unmatched. She can take a simple brief and create something beautiful. She spends time researching the subject and SEO, which is so important to our business and makes our life a lot easier. We’re delighted to be working with Heather and would highly recommend her.​

Emma McElvenny - Content Manager - Tisserand Aromatherapy 


Conscious | Caring | Creative  

A conscious approach to content marketing and copywriting is at the heart of everything I do. From planning to editing, accessibility, inclusivity, and ethical marketing principles will be considered. 


So if you’re looking for purely sales copy, I’m not your person. However, if you’re looking for copy and content that blends creativity and conversion, centered on inspiring purchases through compelling storytelling, then we're the perfect match.

Perfect for coaches, solopreneurs, small businesses, and in-house content managers for ethical wellness brands.


Quick check we're on the same page: 

  • I DO turn strategy, research, and content ideas into creative and compelling copy.

  • I DON'T publish or send content, manage your social media, or design graphics.

I'll get back to you soon as possible!

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