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40 Free Resources For Keeping On Top of Wellness Industry Trends 2023

Updated: Jun 21

The top podcasts, newsletters, blogs, & more

40 free resources for keeping on top of wellness trends 2023, and image of Heather Grant, from written by Heather.

You might associate the wellness industry with a soft yogi aesthetic, but don’t be fooled, it’s a protein-fuelled powerhouse too. The industry growth rate is 10% and it’s expected to grow at this pace until 2025. Talk about gains.

Keeping up with wellness industry trends helps you define and refine your brands' position in the market so you’re better equipped to write copy that speaks to today’s consumers and content that rides the waves of wellness trends.

I dedicate time each day to dive into resources that expand my industry knowledge, which feeds into every one of my services. And in the name of being a conscious copywriter, I’m not going to keep all my secrets to myself.

Here are 40 FREE resources that I use to keep on top of wellness industry trends (p.s. save and share this post so you can come back to it when you’re stuck for ideas!).

Where to look for wellness trends

I’ve split the list into 7 simple categories:

1. Research platforms

2. Industry newsletters

3. Social media hashtags

4. Instagram accounts

5. Digital magazines

6. Industry blogs

7. Industry podcasts

40 free resources for keeping on top of wellness industry trends 2023

As the wise Yogi, Adriene Mischler, once said, ‘Hop into something comfy and let’s get started’…

Research platforms

Whether it’s my content or my clients’, I love leading with statistics to build trust and authority. Here are some of the best places for fact-and-figure shopping…

1. McKinsey Global Institute

Search ‘wellness 2023’ or check out their features and insights for relevant reports.

2. Global Wellness Institute

Follow the research drop down to ‘wellness facts and statistics’.

3. Statista

Go to ‘explore market insights’ and search ‘wellness’ or your relevant submarket.

4. NIQ

Follow the insights drop-down and search ‘wellness’ or your relevant submarket.

5. Forbes

Search ‘wellness industry 2023’ for useful articles.

6. World Economic Forum

Again, search ‘wellness industry 2023’ (make sure to add the date to make sure it’s still relevant!).

Industry newsletters

Joe Vennare from the FIIT Insider newsletter

If, like me, you spend a lot of your time hopping from place to place, industry newsletters are perfect for reading on the go. I’ve included a range here, from intense reports to food for thought.

7. FIIT Insider

Discover which submarkets are soaring, learn from businesses that are booming, and find out which trends consumers are currently obsessed with.

8. Well to Do

Get a snapshot of industry headlines in different submarkets and countries.

9. The Unpublishable

This is how you break out of the echo chamber. It’s packed with talking points and alternative takes on hot topics – this issue really got me thinking.

10. Beauty Inner Circle

We all know wellness is about much more than aesthetics, yet it often overlaps with the cosmetics industry. If you’re looking for data-led beauty content, this is the one for you.

(Sidenote: I write copy and content for skincare brands – would you say that’s wellness or beauty? I think it sits between the two).

11. Salt + Yams

The wellness industry is currently very white and it’s our duty to make sure it doesn’t stay that way. Deepen your knowledge and broaden your perspective, with this newsletter focused on Black history, health, and wellness.

12. Nessie Sightings

With an ethos of ‘live better, not perfectly’, this newsletter peeks into wellness culture balancing wit and research.

Social media tags

I know what you’re thinking, this seems like a cop-out on my behalf. You’re right, I could just list every vaguely health and wellness hashtag and make this resource list endless.

But that’s not how I use hashtags and that’s not how I’m going to tell you to.

These specific tags give you a good look at the nitty-gritty of what people are talking about, who is talking about it, and why. I recommend a brief scroll through the tag’s page and getting an overview, rather than going on specific posts and getting caught in an influencer trap.

Instagram & Tiktok:

Use these tags for content inspiration and to help you tailor your tone of voice to the words and phrases your customers use.

13. #healthylivingmovement

You will find… trending ingredients and healthy habits.

14. #naturalhealthandwellness

You will find… ingredient spotlights and alternative lifestyle content.

15. #healthtalk

You will find… ‘expert’ advice (tread carefully – use it as a starting point for further research).

16. #wellnessjourney

You will find… lived experiences and individual anecdotes.

Linked In:

I’ve been loving Linked In lately and I share industry insights (almost) daily over there.

Businesses publish articles, share website updates, and big names give their stance. It’s a great place to peep at other people’s copy and content and seek opportunities for your own (hello SWOT analysis).

17. #personaldevelopment

You will find... success stories and all things mindset.

18. #health

You will find... useful, and sometimes a little fiery, discussions.

19. #mindfulness

You will find…work/life balance and workplace wellness.

Instagram accounts

Don’t get me wrong, I love a wellness influencer as much as the next yogi. Scrolling their accounts all day? that’s not the most efficient way to keep on top of wellness trends.

The tags above give you an idea of the trends, and these accounts round it all up for your specific submarkets.

'when you're doing good for yourself in mind and body, this is the state of well-being' - Deepak Chopra, from @chopra on Instagram

20. Mind Body Green

If you’re looking for a more holistic stance on wellness, this account beautifully blends soul and science.

21. Chopra

Founded by spiritual guru Deepak Chopra, this one is for meditation and mindfulness insights.

22. Well + Good

Sick of conflicting and confusing information? Go here for top trends, decoded and demystified.

23. The Good Body

For fun and lighthearted research, aka. work-that-doesn’t-feel-like-work, scroll through this page.

24. Black Girl in Om

Instagram’s image of wellness lacks diversity. With a focus on black women, browse Black Girl In Om for a refreshing look at health disparities and natural well-being methods and approaches.

Digital Magazine

Magazine articles are perfect snuggle-up and wind-down reads, which is why I love writing them. They’re not just for the coffee table either, digital magazines are full of deep dives into industry trends.

25. Women’s Health and Men’s Health

For obvious reasons, I’ve lumped these two together. These are the top magazines for the latest health news.

26. Health Magazine

Your go-to for evidence-based and empathetic health information.

27. Time Nutrition

A range of articles answering the wellness questions consumers are asking (it’s clear they know their SEO!).

28. Well – The New York Times

Possibly the most holistic on the list, this mag gives you a glimmer of 5 aspects of wellness: eat, move, mind, family, and live.

Industry blogs

Much like digital magazines, blogs give you a good look at a specific hot topic.

29. The Art of Healthy Living

If, like me, you love a listicle, take a look for easy-to-digest lifestyle posts.

30. Nutrition Stripped

Founded by Registered Dietitian McKel Hill, this website is perfect for science-backed opinions on trending nutrition topics. It’s a diet-culture and fads free zone.

31. Poosh

Whether you’re all for the Kardashians or steer away from reality TV, I couldn’t skip one of the top wellness blogs. To be transparent, I don’t class it as conscious content, but it does give you an understanding of what top wellness influencers are talking about.

(There’s a similar blog you might know that I couldn’t bring myself to mention. Hint: vagina candles).

32. Calm

If you’re looking for mindfulness and meditation news, the Calm blog, from the app of the same name, has plenty of relaxing reads.

33. The Healthy Place

We’re veering into mental health, rather than wellness here (read this for the distinction). That said, it’s no bad thing to be up to date on mental health information to ensure your wellness copy is inclusive and accessible for everyone.

This blog has dozens of blogs dedicated to specific mental health issues, such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, binge eating, PTSD, and depression.

34. Harvard Health

We’re entering the Elle Woods realm of solid studying here. If you’re looking for medical news and viewpoints, you’ll get the serious stuff here.

Industry podcasts

Wellness with Ella podcast - image of Ella Mills

This category is another one for us work-anywhere-but-a-desk folks. Pop in your headphones, open your notes app, and get the best industry insights delivered straight to your ear.

I like to use podcasts as a springboard for content that carries on the conversation.

35. The Business of Wellness

This resource is invaluable for wellness entrepreneurs. Host Lauren Armes takes you into the minds of the wellness industry’s most successful brand owners and innovators.

36. Maintenance phase

If there’s a diet myth or mystery that’s not sitting well with you, this podcast slices fact from fiction.

37. Wellness with Ella

Ella Mills, aka. Deliciously Ella, talks with a vast range of people to give you un-filtered and empowering wellness conversations.

(Fun fact: Ella is the first ‘influencer’ who sparked my interest in wellness).

38. Green Beauty conversations

Our well-being is intertwined with that of the planet. This podcast by Formula Botanica combines the two and is a great tool for brainstorming the positioning of your ethical wellness brand.

39. TED Health

Who doesn’t love a TED talk? Listen to one of these, and you’ve got yourself the perfect conversation starter that positions you as an expert in your field.

40. Poog

The wellness world can be weird, and I’m a big believer that we shouldn’t take it too seriously.

This podcast involves two comedians and wellness buffs, testing the strangest fads they can find.

Read the name backward and you’ll get the gist (again, vagina candles).

Spread the knowledge

It can be hard to keep up the pace with an industry that grows and moves fast. That’s why I created this list of free resources so that you have a range of options that fit into your day seamlessly.

It doesn’t have to involve sacrificing your own health and well-being to stay up-to-date.

If you commit to subscribing to a couple of newsletters, swapping your scrolling for studying a blog, and listening to a podcast when you’re on the go, you can easily soak up industry knowledge.

And once you’re well situated in 2023 wellness culture, you can start to position yourself within it. What submarket are you part of? What trends do you conform to? What do you do differently? What’s your hot take on the news? Who’s your ideal customer, and what are they talking about?

That’s where I come in.

With an awareness of market trends and today’s wellness consumer, I’ll work with you to tailor a tone of voice, consciously craft copy, and create relevant content.

Save this post and refer to it whenever you’re stuck for ideas, and make sure to share it with your wellness friends!

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