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Expert copywriting for wellness brands – A year in review!

Join me as I look back on another year as a copywriter for wellness brands and discover how 2024 can be the year we convert your aligned audience

Two travel images and text 'a year in review'

I’m sorry, how is it 2024? It feels like only yesterday I was sitting in the coworking space in Bali, back to my laptop after a two-month break, and planning out the year ahead.

It’s safe to say not a lot went to plan this year, but I guess that’s a lesson in freelance life: you’ve got to flow with it to grow with it. Now the year has come to an end, I’ve sifted through my social media posts and put them together for a year in review.

And when a year ends, it’s time to prep for the next. With another year of experience in the industry, I have fine-tuned my skills to ensure I’m bringing you the best expert copywriting service for wellness brands.

With a toolbox of copywriting techniques, creativity, industry knowledge, and ethical marking principles, I’m ready to ensure your brand effectively connects and converts your aligned audience.

Whether it's creating persuasive blog posts, engaging email copy, or creative web pages, I’m all set for another year of crafting words that help you and your audience feel good.

With that said, here’s a look back on 2023!

2023: A year in review

Heather Grant Writer sat by her laptop

There’s been many pivotal moments for my business this year. Here's how it went…

Clients that kept coming back

I haven’t worked with many new clients in 2023. I originally thought that meant I was failing, but after sharing this post on Linked In, I was reassured that it’s not at all.

I don’t do slippery standards. No matter how long we’ve worked together, you’ll always get my best work. 

I’ve worked with most of my clients for over a year because I’m good at what I do and keep putting in the work to get better. In return, I keep getting more work from them and have built bigger retainer relationships which form 90% of my income.

I’m proud of that.

New projects kept me on my toes

That said, there were some new projects sprinkled in,

This included a transparency-focused SEO content retainer with The Soapery, which you can read about here, and a creative mission statement/ website project with Loft and Daughter, which resulted in one of my favourite reviews:

I'd been putting off working with a copywriter for some time as I was worried about the tone of voice not sounding authentic and handing over an 'about' page to somebody else had always felt a little daunting. But, I needn't have had either of these doubts with Heather!
Right from the get-go, I felt that Heather really understood the heart of my brand as well as the objectives of the project. I loved having Heather's perspective and fresh eyes on my brand's mission, and she found the perfect balance of breathing new life into my story and ethos, whilst remaining true to my existing tone of voice.
Heather's communication was excellent throughout, completing the project quickly yet thoughtfully. The whole way through I felt that my mission statement, about and ethos pages were in safe hands and I'm thrilled with the result. I recommend Heather wholeheartedly and look forward to working together on future projects.

I can't wait for more mission-driven web copy projects this year!

I looked pretty in print

The excitement of seeing my work in print never gets old – especially in airports and bookshops on my travels!

I’ve continued to do some print work (be it more sporadic) this year, and hopefully will find time for more in 2024. Here’s me looking as happy as Larry about finding one of my Breathe Magazine articles at my local bookshop in Bali.

Heather Grant Writer holding her Breathe Magazine article in a bookstore

I pledged my ethics

At the start of this year, I focused on learning about ethical marketing practices and refined what that meant for me practically.

I made the Ethical Move pledge and created my own Conscious Copywriting Principles. Ethics will remain central to my business in the new year.

I worked from many cool ‘offices’

I worked from Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Singapore, and the UK.

I feel so grateful and blessed...but please know It takes buckets of self-discipline to keep working when there's a pool or beach in view!

Heather Grant Writer smiling sat at her laptop

I networked here, there, and everywhere

The best part about digital nomad life is the inspiring people you meet that add to your life both personally and professionally.

Whilst I was in Bali, I attended two networking workshops at a lovely little co-working café, The Cafe Coach, in Canggu. I pushed past the imposter syndrome and squeezed every bit of knowledge I could from these two talks:

How to build a brand with Pili and Marie from B.YOND creatives

Top lessons: come back to your why at every opportunity and make sure your brand is consistent at every touchpoint.

How to eliminate external noise with life coach Michelle Withar

Top lessons: distinguish what you want, from what other people want for you, and write your own definition of success.

As for fellow freelancers...

  • I met Astrid, a social media manager, in Malaysia, and she’s been giving me LinkedIn tips ever since.

  • I met Hollie Price, another freelance wellness writer, in Liverpool, after nearly a year of voice notes and messages.

  • I met Immi Marsh and Hannah Clarke, copywriting besties, in Ubud for a coworking session.

  • I met Saroosh Khan, an SEO wix, who helped me with my website.

  • I’ve had catch-up calls with Jess Sutton to discuss all things ethical marketing

As a social person, connections are key to my productivity and creativity.

Three girls posing in front of mountain landscape

I took a step back for my body and brain

As I talked about in this post, in May I got very overwhelmed.

It turns out that traveling, running a freelance business, training to be a yoga teacher, dealing with physical health problems, and managing your anxiety disorder all at once, isn’t that easy at all.

I decided it was best to trust my gut, even if that meant scrapping the plan and taking a new route. I got a last-minute flight home. I dealt with my health. I scaled my business right back for two months. I traveled back out with my parents, and then a close friend.

It was 100% the best thing I did for myself and my business.

I took on the robots

One thing I didn’t see coming this year was robot writers. Do you know how many times I've said I'm a writer and have been hit by the ‘what about chat GPT questions? A lot.

I decided to fight back with an extensive personal research project on the ethics of AI. You can see my take in this post, where I discuss how it can be used effectively only when a human writer has the reins.

Expert copywriting for wellness brands: What's next?

girl sat in free at sunrise

So that’s 2023, but what about this year?

Judging by the wibbly wobbly way the past year has gone, I’m keeping my business plan baggy, with plenty of room for new opportunities to enter and unaligned ones to leave.

With that said, here’s what I’m focusing on…

  • Deeper client relationships through larger retainers

In this guide, I introduce a NEW way of working with me in 2024: Holistic, a combined retainer package that handles all your copy and content needs.

Holistic is a health and wellness copywriting retainer that involves planning and writing the following month's email, newsletter, and web/landing page copy.

  • Website copy audits

I recently completed a website copy review for an AI company and loved running a fine toothcomb through their messaging.

Judging by this review, I think they loved it too:

I recently worked with Heather Grant to review and improve my marketing copy. I was incredibly impressed with her expertise, insights, and ability to translate my ideas into compelling and effective language.
Heather had a deep understanding of my target audience and the specific goals I was trying to achieve. She was able to identify areas in my copy that were not resonating with my audience and provided me with actionable feedback on how to make them stronger. I was particularly impressed with Heather's ability to simplify complex concepts into easy-to-understand language. She also had a knack for using strong calls to action that would motivate my audience to take action.
As a result of Heather's feedback, I was able to significantly improve the clarity, effectiveness, and overall quality of my marketing copy. I am confident that this will lead to increased engagement, conversions, and sales for my business. I highly recommend Heather’s to anyone who is looking for a skilled and experienced marketing copy expert.

I'll be offering more website copy audits this year!

  • Collaboration with creative agencies

I’ve been spreading my networking wings to creative agencies around the globe to hopefully collaborate on creative website copywriting projects in the new year.

  • New marketing strategies

The second half of 2023 saw me shifting my social media strategy away from Instagram to Linked In, which will continue in 2024.

I’m currently in the very initial stages of brainstorming how next to expand my self-marketing strategy.

  • Skill development

As always, I’ll be taking time to expand my skillset to better serve you. This year, I hope to work with an SEO specialist to gain more experience in this area and to also attend an ethical marketing workshop or course.

  • Spiritual side hustles

Alongside copywriting, this year I volunteered at a wellness retreat and attended a yoga teacher training course. It made me realise one key thing: I’m most energized and focused when I have my fingers in multiple baskets.

So this year, they'll be many more spiritual side-hustles and passion projects, such as my yoga and journaling Instagram @yogi_notebook.

Girl doing yoga poses at sunset

Phew! It’s looking like a gooden. If you'd like to work together this year, please get in touch, and let's make 2024 your best business year yet!

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