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Why It’s Still Worth Investing in a Copywriter in 2023 (Even With The Rise of AI!)

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Of course, I’m going to tell you it's worth investing in a copywriter, it's my job after all. I can’t make any claims I’m being objective here.

But what I can do, is look at trends in the way people are creating and reading copy and reflect on why that still makes my job very much a necessity.

So if you’re thinking ‘‘It’s 2023 who cares about a robot voice, rushed job, or dormant blog if my TikTok is thriving?’’, read on.

Text: 3 reasons to invest in a copywriter this year

3 Reasons why it’s still worth investing in a copywriter in 2023

Here are 3 top reasons a (human) copywriter is as crucial as ever this year.

1. While AI might join the team, a copywriter still needs to run the show

With total transparency, I’m going to start by saying I’ve worked with AI copywriting tools.

Out of a desire to learn about the robots that are supposedly ‘stealing my job’, I’ve taken on projects SEO optimising and TOV editing AI-written posts.

They weren’t amazing, but they weren’t horrendous. And they were certainly quick to create. But the fact that I was hired to do this is enough to make my point:

You still need a copywriter even if you choose to use AI.

I worked on 50+ posts and here were the common flaws:

1) Chunks were gimmicky and regurgitated from just about everywhere on the internet.

2) Other chunks were robotic and a breeding ground for repetition

3) Not a single study mentioned is linked or properly referenced. After searching for citations online, I have a sneaking suspicion that some of them were pure fiction.

Go to town on AI if it floats your boat but, from my own experience, you’ll still need a copywriter to do nearly as much work as they would without the tools.

text: while AI might join the team, a copywriter is still needed to run the show

2. Forget FOMO, you need creative copy that celebrates consumers’ uniqueness

The classic appeal to FOMO is outdated. Consumerism is no longer about keeping up with the Joneses but crafting unique identities.

According to Mintel’s Study, branding, including copy, can inspire consumers to try something new, define and refine their identity, and celebrate who they are and who they want to be.

Clear and concise copy still has its place, but on its own it’s too basic for 2023. Bringing a creative and conscious mind into your business will freshen up your copy for a new era of consumers.

text: bringing a creative and conscious mind into your business will freshen up your copy for a new era of consumers

3. Your pandemic-born business needs to grow-up

The days of baking banana bread, binging Netflix, and escaping for daily works might seem like yesterday, but the Pandemic started a whole 4 years ago now.

If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs who took the opportunity to start their dream businesses, it might be time to give your copy another look.

Hiring a copywriter to give their expert opinion of your current copy and bring a fresh perspective to your branding can make all the difference.

I recently worked with a slow fashion brand whose been ran by one woman since the very start and one of the first thing she said when she got the draft was

I’m loving the ideas you have and the fresh perspective you have brought. It’s really a breathe of fresh air after the years I’ve spent looking at it and the trying to write about myself, by myself!

Your business isn’t a baby anymore; your words need to grow up with it.

text: your business isn't a baby anymore; your words need to grow up with it

Conscious copywriting in 2023

As the new tax year approaches, and you’re umming and ahhing about where to invest, hopefully, these 3 reasons have given you a nudge towards copywriting.

Luckily, I have 5 Conscious Copywriting Packages tailored to wellness brands and solopreneurs. These packages are designed to nourish connections and inspire action from YOUR aligned consumers.

If you found this blog insightful (or you have a friend who keeps telling you the robots are taking over) please consider sharing it!

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