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3 Top Wellness Trends for 2023 (and How to Use Your Blog to Grow With Them!)

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The health & wellness industry growth rate is 10% and it’s expected to grow at this pace until 2025.

So how do you keep up with the quickening current? Your swim with it. Here are 3 top wellness trends for 2023 and content examples to grow and flow with them.

1. Wellness Tourism

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The Global Wellness Institute forecasts the average annual growth rate of wellness tourism at 20.9% from 2020-2025 It's growing faster than every other wellness sector!

Of course, you can't suddenly put together a holiday for your customers (although that would be the dream!), but you can use your content to transport them into a new culture, history, or tradition.

Content prompts

  • Consider your traceable supply chain. Who makes your products? What's their culture?

  • Where are your ingredients from? How were they traditionally used?

  • Where's your brand based? How does your location inspire and impact what you sell?


Haircare brand: Does Moroccan argan oil really work? discover the history and science behind the haircare saviour

Yoga brand: Root to rise: 5 things you might not know about the orgins of tree pose

Slow fashion brand: A sneak peek into the lives of our factory workers in Bali

2. Everyday Mindfulness

Text: everyday mindfulness, flow and grow with wellness trends

Mindfulness refers to the practice of purposefully bringing your attention to the present moment. It involves noticing your actions, thoughts, and feelings, without evaluating them.

Mindful eating, mindful movement, mindful just about anything... Mindfulness is no longer reserved for meditation or a yoga class. The concept has evolved to become more accessible and more integrated into our everyday life.

Content prompts

  • Could your product/ service be incorporated into a valuable mindfulness ritual?

  • Is there a mindful aspect of your production you could share with your audience?


Skincare brand: 5 ways to transform your skincare routine into a rewarding mindful ritual

Fitness brand: Need a sign to slow down? here's how mindful movement benefits your body

Zero waste brand: 3 mindful moves you can make to reduce your plastic waste today

Slow fashion brand: 5 fast fashion statistics that prove slow and steady will win the race

2. Biohacking

Text: biohacking, flow and grow with wellness trends

Biohacking involves taking a technical approach to research, strategize, and implement individualized wellness habits to boost performance and health.

You might not be able to get everyone to the lab, but there are ways to appeal to the more science buffs.

Content prompts

  • Don't shy away from technicalities. How does a specific ingredient work in/on/with the body?

  • Don't dumb down the science. Find a study: what does it show? where can it be critiqued? what does this mean for your product?


Essential Oils brand: Ginger oil and digestion: A weight loss remedy or complete myth?

Skincare brand: 5 ways we're using biotechnology to optimize your natural skin

Supplements brand: How to create an individual supplement plan to enhance your focus

Natural gymwear brand: The shocking impact of synthetic materials on your skin's health

Wellness trends for 2023: Are you ready to join them?

Health and wellness copywriter, Heather Grant, walking in nature

Hopefully this post has given you a drop of inspiration. If you're looking for a continuous stream of ideas, book a free discovery call to discuss my blog retainer package.

You can have a continuous stream of content with your mission and vision as the underlying current.

The seamless and steady use of SEO will attract a flow of fresh faces to your site and, of course, we’ll always keep moving with the trends.

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