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A Wellness Copywriter’s 5 Essential Strategies for Web-Copy That Inspires Action

Dive into my core strategies as a wellness copywriter, for turning words into actions, from clarifying your core message to adding a touch of creative magic.

Graphic with blue pattern background and text that reads ' A Wellness Copywriter's 5 Essential Strategies For Web-copy That Inspires Action'

So you’ve got the ultimate product or service you know will make your audience feel so good?

Then it’s time to revamp your website copy to inspire action, so that your audience can get their lucky hands on your offer.

Whether you want a nosy at my processes before you decide to book a call, or you’ve decided to DIY your copy, in this post, I’ve spilled the beans my 5 core strategies for writing websites as a wellness copywriter.

Grab your green tea, and let’s get started!


  • What’s The Action?

  • Listen To The People

  • Solutions Over Problems

  • Don’t Alienate The Dabblers

  • Add a Motif or Metaphor

5 Essential Wellness Copywriting Strategies

1. First, what is the action?

Words are your website need to serve a purpose. Before you write anything, you want to get crystal clear on what that purpose is – what action is it, exactly, you want to inspire?

Usually, it’ll be for your audience to make a purchase. But it might be to sign up to a course, donate to a cause, or stop doing something that might be harmful. It depends on your business (or charity, or campaign, or whoever or whatever you are).

Joanna Wiebe, the mother of Conversion Copywriting, calls this the Rule Of One. Before you write any piece of copy, you need to settle on One Reader, One Offer, One Value Proposition. This is your foundation.

The key thing is there should be one main action for the reader to take and everything should guide the reader towards it. Any secondary goals should feed into that big one.

2.  Listen to the People

Copywriting is like a conversation: you say something, as a response, your audience does something. In order to talk to your audience in a way they’ll engage with and respond to, you need to talk like them. 

In the copywriting world this is called ‘‘Voice-Of-Customer (VOC)’’ and can involve anything from in-depth customer interviews to scouring the comments section on your Instagram posts.

Wherever you gather your VOC data, you want to identify patterns, pain points, triggers to buy, and perhaps most importantly, memorable words and phrases.

You know when you hang out with someone enough you start picking up their little sayings? Yeh, you want to get on that level with your audience.

For example, since getting back to Bali the words ‘energy’ and ‘vibes’ have uttered at double the rate they do back in Manchester.

3. Solutions Over Problems

You might have come across copy that drills right into a particular pain point; prodding, poking, and agitating it, so that when the solution comes, it doesn’t matter how good it is, it’s simply a way out of this God-awful problem.

As I talked about in my last post on adapting copywriting strategies for a wellness audience, this doesn’t sit right with a wellness audience. This group are out to find something that makes them feel good, so copy should have a sensitive and optimistic tone.

For example, people who can’t sleep don’t want to hear about how terrible and awful a lack of sleep is. They want to know what might help them sleep. They want to feel cared-for. Emphasise solutions. Emphasise why and how it can help.

(Sidenote: my aromatherapy client recently told me their research showed people responded better to ‘how to relax’ than ‘how to de-stress’ which I think supports this point!)

4. Don’t Alienate the Dabblers

How woo-woo are we talking? How niche is your product/service? Because, while you want to speak to its niche following, you don’t want to alienate the dabblers and the newbies.

Here’s another Bali anecdote to illustrate: I went to a tea ceremony the other day. A friend who goes every week invited me, and she described as just drinking tea and chatting, so I attended.

Turns out there’s a tea master, expensive tea pots, complicated processes, and a lot of etiquette I didn’t know. I dabble in a lot of wellness practices and rituals, and I want to learn, but I felt rather excluded and alienated by the 'pro' tea drinkers.

Back to copywriting, and we can call this an awareness of ‘market sophistication’. Your product or service might have a niche following that knows every detail, but it will also have people who are just giving it a go.

The lower the sophistication of the market, the more explaining you’ll need to do. The more sophisticated the market, and the more the focus becomes about differentiating your solution from the other options.

Start by figuring out how much people really know about your niche product and how much competition there is.

5.  Sprinkle In A Motif or Metaphor

I owe this one to Stephanie White from By The Way Creative. Once you have your foundation, pick of a motif or metaphor (just one!) and sprinkle it all the way through.

Creativity isn’t just a final flourish, it has a strategic purpose: it creates emotions, a feel for something, rather than stating it directly.

I’m going to be super vain here and use my own webpage as an example. On my copywriting audit landing page I chose the metaphor of fire, and you’ll see words like ‘rekindle’, ‘warm up’, ‘flame’, ‘fiery’, ‘spark’, ‘ignite’ throughout the copy.

That’s because all my branding there’s a yoga motif, and in yoga, fire is used in the context of energy and drive. I wanted to get across the feeling of the project being quick, punchy, and driving further changes and projects.

Compare this to my retainer landing page, which is more about longevity and a comprehensive approach, and you’ll see the words ‘holistic’, ‘core’, ‘integrated’, and ‘unifiers’.

Again, fitting with the yoga motif for continuity!

There you have it, a sneak preview at my wellness copywriter toolkit

All of these strategies (and many more) feed into every one of my copywriting project, from audits to revamps, so if it piques your interest get in touch.   

Let’s chat, let’s create, and let’s craft copy that inspires action!








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