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5 Experts Shared Their Winter Wellness Tips With Me

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Here’s what I found…

1. Danielle King - Fitness fanatic & founder of KIHT Collective

Danielle King, fitness fanatic and founder
My winter wellness tip is to get out for a walk in nature - I try to do it every day as it really is a great stress reliever and keeps me grounded.

2. Kirsty Gladdis - Women's Empowerment Coach

Kirsty Gladdis, women's empowerment coach

Morning routine in the winter is more important than ever because it sets you up on the cold & dark days, even if it’s just 5 minutes to breathe, journal, be present and be grateful

3. Louisa Hussey - EFT Life Coach

Louisa Hussey, EFT life coach
My top tip for wellness this winter is to just love yourself even more - using tapping (EFT) to cement in some self love, remind yourself that you're human. The more you can love yourself, the easier life becomes. You become a nicer person to be around, your relationships become easier and life becomes sunnier.

4. Suneeta Lakshmi - Ayurveda Consultant

Suneeta Lakshmi, Ayurveda consultant
Take a brisk walk in the fresh air for at least 20 minutes ideally between 6 AM and 10 AM to gain the most health benefits, and secondly in the evening between 6 PM and 10 PM which are both Kapha times of the day - when we need to balance the slow and sluggish qualities of Kapha Dosha with movement and stimulation.

5. Anna Whyte - Holistic Health Coach

Anna Whyte, holistic health coach
Winter wellness for me is all about taking it slow and recognising when we need to rest, reflect and reset. It’s nourishing our body with seasonal food, prioritising micronutrients such as Vitamin A, C and Zinc to support immune function, alongside nourishing our gut for the same purpose. Living in tune with natures light and darkness and getting plenty sleep is also key - without it our immunity defences lower.

Applying wellness tips to wellness Copywriting

These expert wellness tips have a recurring sense of being gentle with yourself. Words like ‘slow’, ‘rest’, ‘gentle’, self-love’, and ‘grounded’ were key.

Now, wellness brands, let’s put this advice into the context of copy and it’s clear that now is the time to take a compassionate tone.

To celebrate all things cosy, your words should encourage your customer to show themselves some love and to prioritise their health.

Sounds like a lot to incorporate, right? And you’ve got to be quick at getting it all in there as winter is coming fast.

Luckily, I offer Conscious Copywriting Packages that keep all of this in mind.

(P.s. if you sign up before the end of the year I'm offering 10% off!)

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