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Feature Writing

I regularly contribute to various lifestyle and well-being magazines in the UK and Australia, including working freelance shifts sourcing, planning, and writing articles. 

Key areas of interest include yoga, health and wellness, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, creativity, and sustainable living.

​ If you would like to commission me to write an article or to take on a freelance shift please email


I can send high-resolution PDFs of articles upon request.

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Yoga Teacher | Traveller | Writer

Where copywriting stimulates the business side of my being, feature writing is where my creative energy comes into play.


I'm fuelled by the stories that lie in every experience and encounter.  I don’t wait for them to come to me; I actively seek them. I take notice, stay inspired, and savour every moment.


I love diving deep into research, talking to the most inspiring people in the field, and allowing my ideas to flow.


If you want to see the results, click on the links on the right. 

PDF samples of published articles:

Natural Connections – Breathe

Hear Your Voice – Breathe

Mixed Feelings – Spirit & Destiny

Bend Not Break – Being

Moving Mountains – Nourish

Come Rain or Shine – Spirit & Destiny

Seasonal Ayurveda – Nourish


I can send high-resolution PDFs of articles upon request.

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