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Website Copywri
ting Audits for Wellness Businesses 

Get a fast-and-fiery copywriting audit on 3 WEB PAGES in just 3  DAYS so you feel excited about your business and energized to take the next steps.


Covers everything from conversion copywriting and tone of voice to accessibility and ethical marketing principles. 


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DIY-ed or Chat GPT-ed your website copy and it’s a little too cold to convert?

No judgment here. Taking care of a business while taking care of yourself is a lot. Don't worry if your copy lost it's spark.  

You need a copywriting audit to warm it up with an expert touch.

This isn't about criticism or adding to your workload. It’s about sharing my years of experience and study to offer actionable suggestions, ignite ideas, and rekindle a love for your copy that extends to your customers.

Secure your spot today.

Approx. 3 spots a month, depending on availability. 

3 web pages | 3 day delivery | 3 week support | 30% discounts

Energized: The Website Copywriting Audit

​With my lowest price point and fastest service, you’ll get easy-to-implement copywriting audit on 3 web pages of your choice in just 3-days, so you’re warmed-up and ready to take the next steps for your website.

Investment: £315 

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I was able to significantly improve the clarity, effectiveness, and overall quality of my copy

"I recently worked with Heather Grant to review and improve my marketing copy. I was incredibly impressed with her expertise, insights, and ability to translate my ideas into compelling language.


Heather had a deep understanding of my target audience and the specific goals I was trying to achieve. She was able to identify areas in my copy that were not resonating with my audience and provided me with actionable feedback on how to make them stronger.


I was particularly impressed with Heather's ability to simplify complex concepts into easy-to-understand language. She also had a knack for using strong calls to action that would motivate my audience to act.


As a result of Heather's feedback, I was able to significantly improve the clarity, effectiveness, and overall quality of my marketing copy. I am confident that this will lead to increased engagement, conversions, and sales for my business.''

Salam Al-Mosawi, Growth Executive

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The Flow



Book an optional free discovery call OR go straight to 'Book My Audit' and fill in the form. I’ll send you a contract and invoice. Once the paperwork is signed and invoice is paid, I’ll get moving.



In just 3 days after I’ve received full payment, you’ll receive your copy audit document, with an easy to implement structure, tailored to your main copy strengths and challenges.



I’ll review your selected 3 web pages, covering:  

- Conversion copywriting

- SEO best practices

- Brand values and voice

- Customer journey 

- Accessibility and inclusivity

- Ethical marketing principles

and more  



I’m not a love you and leave you type. I’ll be there to support you via email for up to 3 weeks post-audit.

Heather always gave detailed reasoning behind the advice  

"Within just a couple of days of submitting the pages for review, Heather had put together an entire workbook of changes to improve template downloads and calls booked via the thank you page.

Each section of the copy was broken down into what was working and what needed some work/could be improved. Heather went above and beyond and always gave detailed reasoning as to why she was advising the changes she did, so that it was super clear for me and made total sense.

I would 1000% recommend Heather and look forward to using her services again in the future, thanks!​''

Millie Field, Field Digital

... Or maybe that's just the warm-up

Enjoy exclusive discounts on select further services:

30% discount on website copywriting or editing
If you’ve had a copywriting audit and now looking for a complete rewrite or minor edit of those 3 pages. 

30% discount on month 1 of our HOLISTIC retainer package
Now you’ve got the foundations sorted, it’s time for a steady flow of content. This monthly retainer covers all emails, blog posts, and additional web copy. 
£980 for month 1 (standard cost £1400, min. 3-month commitment)

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The perfect balance between breathing a new life and remaining true to my existing voice 

I loved having Heather's perspective and fresh eyes on my brand's mission, and she found the perfect balance of breathing new life into my story and ethos, whilst remaining true to my existing tone of voice.

Katie Sheehan - Founder 

Conscious | Caring | Creative  

Here’s what I’m not going to do in your copywriting audit: drain your voice, dull creativity, and resort to triggering negative emotions for sales.


Taking a conscious approach to copywriting strategy is important to me. Accessibility, inclusivity, and ethical marketing principles are considered in every audit.


So if you’re looking for purely sales copy, I’m not your person. However, if you’re looking for copy that blends creativity and conversion, centered on inspiring purchases through compelling storytelling, then we're the perfect match.

Perfect for coaches and solopreneurs, small businesses, and in-house copywriters for ethical wellness brands.

Book Your Spot Today!

Quick check we're on the same page: 

  • This is not a rewrite. Improvements will be suggested and not implemented.

  • This is not a content marketing audit. It won’t assess the effectiveness of your SEO in huge detail, but  I can feed SEO into the suggestions I make.

I'll get back to you soon as possible!

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