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Holistic Health and Wellness Copywriting Service: Your NEW Complete Retainer Package

Updated: Mar 6

Elevate your brand with a health and wellness copywriting service that handles all your copy and content needs. Discover Holistic: your NEW retainer service. 

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Struggling to find a way to market your wellness business that aligns with your values? Ready to outsource but the thought of a stranger dropping in and out makes you feel ‘icky’?

My health and wellness copywriting services are designed specifically for conscious brands like yours. In this guide, I’ll introduce a NEW way of working with me in 2024: Holistic, a combined retainer package that handles all your copy and content needs.

While nearly 47% of workers worldwide are freelancers, from my 2 years of experience working with small businesses and solopreneurs, I know there are still many hesitations when it comes to collaborating with freelancers.

Namely, the ‘chore’ of communication, a lack of consistency, and the fear that your business baby won’t be properly looked after by someone who is always dipping in and out.

That’s why I’ve created my new copywriting service.

Holistic is a health and wellness copywriting retainer that involves planning and writing the email, newsletter, and web/landing page copy for the following month.

My goal is to make working with a freelancer easier, more efficient, and more effective than ever, so you can prioritise your wellness, whilst helping others improve theirs.

With a unique blend of creativity, copywriting strategy, and ethical marketing principles, I’ll craft copy that captures the essence of your brand and is consistent across your blog, email, and web pages.

By having a strategic onboarding process, a pre-set schedule, and working with you over a longer period, we can create a better working relationship that eases any doubts.

So, whether you're a spiritual solopreneur, yoga business, or ethical retailer, read on to discover how this health and wellness copywriting service can help you!


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Why work with a freelancer on a retainer?

A retainer agreement is a contract put in place over several months that specifies how many hours* or pieces of work a freelancer will complete per month, and a guaranteed amount/date the client will pay them each month.

Working with a freelancer on a retainer, as opposed to one-off projects, offers many unique benefits. I see it as a best-of-both-worlds balance between working with freelancers and hiring someone full-time.

*I never work on an hourly rate, see why here 

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You save money 

Hiring someone to join your team is expensive. You’re responsible for covering sick pay, holiday pay, pension pay, paid training time, on-the-clock office gossip time ... and the list goes on. 

As freelancers, we cover all this ourselves. We do the job and get paid for just that - simple!

You save time 

Recruitment is time-consuming. You have to sell the job and sift through participants to find the one who fits the bill. There’s HR, payroll, and training to contend with, and then comes managing a team.

As freelancers, we market and manage ourselves, so you never have to look further than our portfolios. We also have our own onboarding systems and set our own hours – all you need to do is trust the work will get to you when we say it will.

You gain quality

Employees are required to do more than one skill for a business. Some of which they're not going to love or be the best at.

Freelancers, however, will only sell a skill they're good at. We don't get paid for anything other than that one thing, so you can trust we’ll do it well.

You gain choice

When it comes to hiring a freelancer, the world's your oyster. Most freelancers work remotely. So, you can dive into the global talent pool and base your choice on skill, not location. 

From my experience, I’ve noticed time difference can also be a great advantage.  I’m based in Southeast Asia, and my clients are in the US and Europe. That’s a 5-to-15-hour time difference. 

That means that whilst you sleep, I’ll be writing. You can wake up to the work already done! Dreamy, right?

(Don’t worry about meetings. I manage my time, so I never have more than one early morning or late night meeting a week)

And by working on a retainer, you get consistency too

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Consistency is key. You’ll have heard it a million times before, but when it comes to content marketing, it’s true.

In 2021, marketers who prioritized blogging got 30X more 30x more return on investment (ROI) than those who didn’t. But it takes time to see results. Usually, a minimum of 24 articles are needed to boost traffic by 30%.

The same goes for email marketing. According to HubSpot, 79% of marketers list email marketing in their top 3 most effective marketing channels.  It’s generally agreed that 1 to 3 emails per week is the sweet spot for engagement.

Regular blog and email marketing, written in a consistent tone of voice, yields better results than rushed posts by stressed employers, or an ‘all in one go’ attempt by a clueless freelancer.

Introducing HOLISTIC: A Combined Copy Retainer

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With a smooth schedule and clear communication, my new retainer package includes brainstorming monthly promotions that spotlight your bestsellers and writing all the email, blog, and web/ landing page content you require for the following month.


Now for a plot twist (or should I say confession?): when I say this is a ‘new’ service I mean in terms of how I’m packaging and marketing it. I’ve been working on larger retainers with two US brands, Earth Hero and ZeroWasteStore, since May time. You can see the case study section below for more.


I’ve found it to be super smooth sailing and effective, hence why I’m sharing it with you now. The outline below is based on a schedule I’m already experienced working to, so I know for certain it works.  

But remember, my packages are only ever a suggestion. Every brand is unique, so, like a true yogi, I’m flexible and will adapt my service to your exact needs.



  • Monthly content planning and meeting 

  • Approx. 8 monthly emails 

  • Approx. 2 monthly blog posts 

  • Web/ landing page copy where required


Also included:

  • 2 X Kick-off calls

  • 1 X in-depth onboarding questionnaire

  • SEO keyword research and meta-tags

  • 2 X complimentary revisions 

  • Monthly schedule (see guide below)


Optional add-ons:

  • Product descriptions

  • Social copy

  • More website copy



Although I advocate for transparency, I don't display my fees online so I can tailor projects exactly to your needs.


For a general idea, you can expect to pay around £1800 a month for the above, although it will vary depending on scope.


I also adjust fees to account for international transfer fees and ‘rush fees’ if you want me to work to tighter deadlines.

Be aware I revise my fees annually to account for qualifications, experience, demand, and industry standards.


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A schedule that’s effective and efficient for us both

Have you ever outsourced work to a freelancer to take work off your hands, and found the constant briefing, erratic communication, and back-and-forth editing added to the pile instead? I’ve heard about this too often.


That’s why the number one priority with Holistic is to create a pre-set schedule that creates a space for briefing and editing in a way that’s effective and efficient for us both.  

We will go through this on a call to find a way that works for you, but below is an idea of how it could look:


  • I’ll send over an in-depth onboarding questionnaire that focuses on tone of voice.

  • We’ll have one brand-focused call, where I’ll ask questions about your products/services, target audience, content pillars, and main goals.

  • We’ll have a second logistics-focused call where we can discuss which products/services have the best profit margins to run promotions on, what discounts are viable for you, deadlines, and your input.

  • I’ll send over the paperwork (the contract and invoice for a 50% deposit of the first month’s fees)

By the first of week the month:

  • You’ll have sent me a monthly update email, which covers factors like:

    • Product launches

    • Holiday promotions

    • Brand initiatives

    • Pop-ups

    • Collaborations

    • Feedback on the previous month

  • After receiving the email, I’ll plan the content schedule and copy needed for the month

  • We’ll have a monthly content call where I’ll share my ideas with you/your team, and we’ll make live edits, so I leave with a list of content to-dos. This can be done via email if replies are within 48 hours.

Second week of month:

  • The first half of the content will be delivered to you via Google Docs

  • I’ll make any revisions within 48 hours

Third week of the month:

  • The second half of the content will be delivered to you via Google Docs

  • I’ll make any revisions within 48 hours

Fourth week of the month:

  • Any additional content and edits will be sent over to you via Google Docs

  • I’ll send my monthly invoice

It can be as easy as that!

Why work a month in advance?

Quote on orange background

Content marketing and copywriting aren’t as responsive as other areas you might hire freelancers in, like social media and community management, which is why it’s possible to create a month ahead of time.

I’ve found working a month in advance leaves enough time for your designers to work on graphics, promotion codes to be created, giveaways and collabs to be arranged, and any technical problems to be ironed out…whilst still producing work that’s relevant when the customers read it.

If more responsive content is required, it can be created as part of the agreed scope.  

The role of a health and wellness copywriter: What I can and can’t help you with

By now you should have a detailed idea of what our retainer could look like, as well as feel reassured that it can be moulded to exactly what your brand needs.

For extra transparency,  here’s a quick recap of what I can and can’t help you with as a health and wellness copywriter:


  1. ·Competitor research: I will look at what promotions competitors are running for inspiration and opportunities.

  2. Statistics: you can share any statistics with me and I’ll assess what’s working and what’s not working and tailor copy for better results.

  3. Content themes: We can discuss and refine in kick-off meeting 1 and I will use them to guide planning


I can work with you to discuss promotions and focuses for the month. I can plan the email, newsletters, and web/landing pages required for that month.  

Writing and Editing

I can turn content ideas into compelling and accurate copy.

What I don’t do is…

  • Manage your social media accounts

  • Publish or send the content

  • Design graphics

Copywriting service case study: ZeroWasteStore and Earth Hero

Here’s the part where I show you that this isn’t my first retainer rodeo. is an online sustainable marketplace on a mission to make people rethink their waste. They know the climate crisis is urgent, but believe hope and optimism are the solutions, not doom and gloom.

 I originally worked on them on one-off projects, such as website copy edits, welcome and abandoned cart email sequences, and newsletters. Over time, that grew into a larger retainer contract where I plan and write all their monthly promotions, copy, and content.

At the start of each month, we have a meeting where I share my ideas with the co-founder, full-time team member, and designer. From then on, we create, share, and develop our ideas, the copy and design evolving side by side. 

Sales have increased 15% since last year, which I believe is largely down to the seamless schedule and dreamy teamwork. 

In October, the team took over another brand in the ethical living space, Earth Hero, and I was lucky enough to be asked to plan and write all their copy and content too. That’s two Holistic retainers already – but I’m ready for more!

client testimonial on sunset background

Are you a health and wellness brand that wants your copy and content completely taken care of?

My Holistic package for health and wellness businesses provides consistent and reliable content through a retainer agreement with benefits such as clear communication, cost savings, time efficiency, and quality of work.

You can see from my schedule outline how it might work and from the case study above how it can be a success.

The only thing left is to get in touch! You can contact me here, via my email, or on LinkedIn. I can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for us!

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