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5 Quick Copy Hacks and My 2023 Services

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Health and wellness copywriter, Heather Grant, sat at an outdoor desk

Consistency is key.

That’s what wrote in my latest social media post. It’s key in the wellness world, to create a healthy and sustainable routine. And is key in the copywriting world, to gain and maintain interest in your brand.

The irony is, it’s not been present in my work of life lately. Hence, why my weekly round-up blog post has been MIA for the past few weeks.

But, hey, I have moved from Asia to Aus, and I always lose a bit of my mojo as the year tails to an end.

In the name of getting back to a basic (backpacking-edition) routine, and to avoid being any more of a hypocrite, I’m going to catch you up on what’s been going on around here and share some simple copy hacks.

Introducing Conscious Copywriting Packages

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The biggest buiss development is my brand-new conscious copywriting packages tailored specifically to wellness brands, which you can see in more detail on my services page. For now, though, let’s judge the books by their covers (aka. packages by their names).

Although the names came to me instantly, there’s a lot of meaning behind them. Firstly, they’re words used a lot in the wellness niche and particularly relate to the approach I’m most interested in: holistic, mind, body, and soul.

They also relate to nature, which fits in terms of the ethics of the brands I work with.

But, most importantly, they describe the kind of copy I aim to write. Effortless, eye-catching, and by using verbs, action-inspiring. If a flowing stream of blog posts or glowing copy upgrade sounds good to you, then take a look at my FLOW and GLOW packages.

If you want marketing emails that stand out in inboxes, well, the word NOURISH says it all. Email newsletters should provide substance for growth and good condition. They should combine sales incentives (your primary goal is to sell, after all), on-brand advice that provides genuine value for your consumer, and community updates that nurture your connection. As for email sequences, they’re about developing and maintaining a certain relationship with your consumer. In other words, to create ALIGNMENT with your mission and vision, and RE-ALIGNMENT when you feel the relationship needs more work. Welcome emails should get your customer dancing to your beat and get them excited about your way of doing things. Abandoned cart emails should be about ensuring you’re still on the same page.

And for the last, and certainly not least, of my Conscious Copywriting Packages: the GROUNDED website copy project package. The strength of your web copy is the strength of your foundations. Google searches land here. Your newsletters and socials refer back here. Your press efforts point here. So root to rise. Set a tone of voice so strong and stable, it can’t be mistaken as anyone else’s voice. Speak to your ideal audience so directly, it feels secure and grounded in your space.

5 quick content and copywriting hacks

1. Blogs: make posts 'skimmable'

Blog-reading habits have changed. They’re not the sit-down-grab-a-coffee read they used to be.

The average reader (even someone looking for wellness advice!) only spends 37 seconds reading a blog post.

You don’t know which part of your page someone will read, but you can pretty much guarantee they won’t read it all.

Each section should make sense in itself, and by making your subheadings speak to each other the whole page will be easy to skim-read too.

Text: Blog post retainer

2. Editing: Do a SWOT analysis

Do a sneaky SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, to double check your messaging is always value-adding.

Text: Editing project

3. Newsletters: keep a swipe file

Subscribe to every man and their dog’s newsletters and over-analyse all the subject lines that land in your inbox. Open a random sample of emails, screenshot them, put them in a document, and analyse the f*ck out of them.

Text: newsletter retainer

4. Email sequences: email yourself

Email yourself multiple subject lines to see which one stands out the most. Run them through spam trigger filters to make sure you stay in the clear.

Text: email sequences

5. Website copy: keep it relevant

Your About Page isn’t really about you. It’s about how YOU can help THEM. Think of it like a job interview and only share only the things that show you’re the best fit for the role. Talk to your ideal customer, as their ideal business.

Text: website copywriting project

Okay, I think we’re all up to date. Have an amazing Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year!



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