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Copywriting Case Study: The Perfect Balance of Breathing New Life and Remaining True To You

Elevate your brand with copy that balances strategy and authenticity. Discover how Loft & Daughter found their voice in this case study!

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You’re creative, you love to write, and you’re overflowing with passion and ideas for your brand…

but putting them together into a clear message that resonated with your audience? That’s the challenge.

Collaborating with a copywriter doesn’t mean your creative writing skills are redundant or your voice will be reduced to that of a salesman.

It simply means you get to spill all your beautiful ideas and scattered notes onto another person, who will give you a fresh perspective that pulls them all together into a strategic message that speaks directly to your audience.

That’s exactly why KS, founder of the lifestyle brand Loft & Daughter, came to me.

A fellow free-spirit and multi-passionate, KS had many beautifully poetic notes and pieces of copy for how she wanted Loft & Daughter (L&D) to sound. But after years of writing-and-rewriting everything on her own, she needed a fresh pair of eyes for greater clarity.

She’d been putting off working with a copywriter for some time as she worried the tone of voice wouldn’t sound authentic. But I’m grateful she decided to trust me with her brand.

The result? a happy, inspired, and excited client that felt I found the ‘‘perfect balance between breathing new life into my copy and staying true to my existing tone of voice’’.

In this website copywriting case study, I outline how the project evolved and some of my decision-making process - or if you’d prefer, skip straight to viewing the finished website!

Copywriting Case Study

Loft & Daughter is a purpose-driven brand that sells consciously made kimonos, jewellery, and homewares. They aim to inspire customers to shop with intention, investing in beautiful items that positively impact people and the planet. 

And so, their copy needed to capture the beauty and quality of the products, and the benefits that go beyond the individual purchase. The customer needed aware that by investing in the brand, they're making a positive impact.

This was done through creating a concise and clear mission statement and built upon in an Ethos page and About page.

What Did the Project Involve?

After the initial communication and a discovery call, we brainstormed ideas and decided on the best deliverables for the project.

We’d start with a mission statement would help to clarify the brand messaging. It was also important to KS that it met the requirements of B-Corp applications, so she sent me over a list and resources to make sure it ticked the boxes.

And once we had the mission statement, the root of all brand copy, the project would move onto website copywriting. I’d use her original notes and ideas as a ‘springboard’ for how the copy was to sound, to ensure it stayed true to her vision for the brand.

How Did The Project Flow?

The project followed my usual process:

Stage 1: Onboarding

  • Initial communication

  • Discovery call

  • Paperwork: proposal, contract, and deposit.

  • In-depth onboarding questionnaire

  • Any supporting documents

  • Kick-off call/ email

Stage 2: Research and strategy

Covering everything from voice -of-customer and competitors, to tone of voice and ethical marketing principles.

Stage 3: Writing

I send the copy, along with strategy notes, via google docs, so any any queries, edits, or amendments can be commented.

Stage 3: Editing

Any edits are made within 48 hours and the final version is sent back to her, ready and raring to be added to the site upgrade!

Copy Preview and Analysis

I won’t bore you with every thought behind every word, but I’ll share a few elements of the copy with you so you can get an (very surface level) idea of what goes into my copywriting projects.

Mission Statement

1)Loft & Daughter creates meaningful lifestyle products that celebrate slow and sustainable craftsmanship. Through the co-creation of our designs and mindful partnerships, we uplift disadvantaged artisan communities and bring their ancestral techniques to today’s free spirits. 

The first paragraph includes the 'what' 'by'  'why' and 'for who' of the brand. This can be used on its own in contexts where a short piece of copy that summarises the brand is required.

2) Our inspired designs are packed with colour, culture, and stories. Yet, we create with a minimalist mindset, valuing a deeper connection to the things we buy, empowering the people who made them, and honouring the planet we all dance upon. 

Now the reader has an overview, the next line is about what sets L&D apart out. Amid a slow fashion landscape of minimalist beiges and earthy browns, it’s the depth of the designs, and their emphasis on connection.

This line also allows for spiritual and free-spirited tone of voice to be brought in, speaking directly to the kind of customer L&D aims to attract.

3) By using recycled, repurposed, organic materials, and producing in slow and small batches, our artisan partners can freely express their craft with minimal environmental trace.

The final line is specific to L&D’s eco commitment, their materials, and slow production methods. It touches on the elements of L&D that meet the requirements for B-Corp and is specific enough to avoid greenwashing, while concise enough to avoid overwhelm.

Website Copywriting

For the website copy, we kept a familial motif - mothers, sons and daughters, ancestors, and children - throughout the whole copy. This made the brand tone of voice identifiable and emphasised the sense of connection that makes L&D unique .

When it comes to about page copy, it’s tempting to go off on a tangent – be it a beautifully written and emotion evoking one – that doesn’t connect with the reader as much as intended.

It should be less about you and more about your connection to them.


For the L&D About Page, I started with an ‘about the brand’ section, for people who are simply looking for a quick idea of who they’re buying from. Then then a founder story, that builds storytelling and emotion into the copy, and finishing with addressing the reader directly, to align them with the story and values mentioned prior.


In the onboarding questionnaire, I asked the question ‘‘if your brand was a person, what kind of person would they be? What words/phrase would they use?’’.  KS responded that they’d be the kind of person who used affirmations as part of their personal practice - an unusual response I loved!  

The final section reads in a soothing affirmation-like way:

To the free-spirited,

You are mindful. You share our vision of a world without rush. Free from deadlines and unrealistic pressure, we allow artisans space to create. You are connected. Every purchase grounds you in a world of ancient craftsmanship, divine tales, and respect for the land we all dance upon.

You are empowered. And as an empowered soul, you’re showing solidarity with a community of strong women in India breaking societal norms. 

You are bold. Barefoot adventures and chasing the sun, our designs are crafted for the wild-hearted. Wear them as a reminder to live courageously.

Welcome To The Family

This also left a lot of creative scope for the design.

Her Words!

Here’s what KS had to say about the copy:

I'd been putting off working with a copywriter for some time as I was worried about the tone of voice not sounding authentic and handing over an 'about' page to somebody else had always felt a little daunting. But, I needn't have had either of these doubts with Heather!
Right from the get-go, I felt that Heather really understood the heart of my brand as well as the objectives of the project. I loved having Heather's perspective and fresh eyes on my brand's mission, and she found the perfect balance of breathing new life into my story and ethos, whilst remaining true to my existing tone of voice.
Heather's communication was excellent throughout, completing the project quickly yet thoughtfully. The whole way through I felt that my mission statement, about and ethos pages were in safe hands and I'm thrilled with the result.
I recommend Heather wholeheartedly and look forward to working together on future projects. Thank you! 

Want Some Website Copywriting Help But Aren’t Sure Where to Start?

Don’t worry, I have different options for you!

Before you need to part with a penny, feel free to book a discovery call or shoot me a quick message on here or my socials, with any burning questions.

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Whether you need a revamp or copy from scratch, this service involves working with you to create the perfect words for your website. It looks a lot like the copywriting case study you’ve just read!

Message me via my website or email if you’re interested in working together.

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